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Caitlin Hunter, B.Sc., B.A. Hons (Regina), M.D. (Saskatoon)

Resident Physician

Caitlin Hunter

Caitlin graduated from Campion in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science (cellular and molecular biology) and a Bachelor of Arts Honours (psychology) degree.

Caitlin is a graduate of Campion and while an undergraduate, worked in the library as a student assistant. The college was an important hub, socially and academically, all the while a hospitable environment:

“The library was such a nice, quiet, relaxed environment and I have many positive memories of both working there and going there on my own time to study or do group projects. I love how friendly all of the staff and students are at Campion College. Whether you were going to the library to study, grabbing a coffee or snack at Henderson’s café, or going to the third floor for help from administration, you were always greeted with a smile and a warm welcome from staff.”

Caitlin was fond of her participation in the Campion Connect Mentor Program. It was a great way for senior students to bond with and give support to new students, be it lending an ear or offering advice. It also led to lasting friendships:

“To this day I am in contact with these students and it is so nice to have been a part of their lives during that transition. I also have fond memories of different events put on for the group by Chelsea Low such as mini golfing, bowling, and potlucks. I think it is easy to get swept up in the intensity of classes in post-secondary, but I felt that this group was a great way to help maintain a well-rounded, balanced lifestyle – something that has remained very important to me as I continue through my current academic endeavours.”

Things have turned a corner for Caitlin; she is now in residency to complete the formal part of her training as a doctor. Fulfilling her career goal means staying in this province to practice and focus on a personal interest:

“Since graduating from Campion College I have completed medical school at the University of Saskatchewan. I am currently a resident physician in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, finishing the last two years of my formal training in the family medicine program. Matching to a program in Saskatchewan was a goal of mine and I am so happy that this became a reality this year. My future goal is to stay in Saskatchewan to start a family medicine practice with a special interest in women’s health.”