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Byron Neiles, B.A. (Regina), M.B.A (Calgary), Graduate, Advanced Management Program (Harvard Business School)

Executive Vice President, Corporate Services, Enbridge

Byron Neiles

Byron graduated from Campion in 1989 with a Bachelor of Arts in political science.

There were great rituals and engagement that prepared Byron to get the most out of his school days. As a new student, Byron immediately saw how daily rituals at the college gave momentum to each day’s learning and activities:

“It would be untruthful if I did not admit that the first thing that comes to mind is Joyce’s breakfast in the Campion cafeteria.  It was representative of what was best about Campion.  A community gathering place where the news of the day kicked off conversations, students and faculty exchanged opinions ahead of class and we got into the headspace for learning. This memory is quickly followed by impressions left by professors to think hard, analyze and advocate your point of view.” 

The Jesuits saw talent and leadership potential in Byron that could contribute to the college’s aim of seeking and guiding new students with application and foster the transition to campus life. In time, he was asked to be part of the administration:

“After semester two of year one, the Fathers asked me to join the team as admissions counsellor, which involved travel throughout rural and urban Saskatchewan to promote Campion College to prospective Grade 12 students and shepherd them through the application process and adjustment to campus life.”

From the influence of his alma mater, personal mentors, and the corporate values of his work, Byron has a rich history of volunteering. He co-founded Leadership Calgary, a succession-planning program to develop community-based leadership. He is a trustee both for Ottawa’s Canadian Museum of Nature and an Alberta-based granting agency for grassroots sport and wellness initiatives.

Family is the bounty and the legacy that has been life’s blessing to Byron and his wife Lisa and their three daughters, who are about to start university:

“Looking further ahead, I’m thinking beyond family and professional achievement and to what comes next.  At this stage of life, conversations and reading inevitably turn towards one’s future purpose. Campion influenced this thinking many years ago.”