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Bryan Smith, Fourth-year


Bryan Smith

Bryan is currently in his fourth year at Campion studying history.

Meet Bryan Smith. He is a shining example of turning disability into opportunity. He has become a voice of advocacy for students with disabilities. Now in his fourth year, he looks back to his beginning as a struggling student with Cerebral Palsy, yet found himself welcomed by the faculty and staff that were set on making his journey as smooth as possible:

“My fondest memory of Campion was my first year. I remember being terrified and very unsure of myself and my ability to learn at the university level. But all the very kind staff and professors at Campion during my first week gave me the reassurance that I could get a degree and now being in my final year, I’m thankful for that support everyday.”

Personal achievement for Bryan really became a gift to the school - rewarding for him and invaluable to his fellow students:

“My proudest accomplishment while being a part of Campion is the recent completion of the new elevator. Over the past few years, Campion has asked me to consult regarding accessibility around its campus, essentially, giving ideas on ways to improve the day-to-day lives of disabled Campion students. The elevator project is one I consulted on and take pride in because it will and has improved the lives of every Campion student attending the college now as well as in the future. It was one of my goals, when coming to Campion, to improve accessibility around campus. My hope is that because of projects like the new elevator in Campion, accessibility will be improved.”

When we take away the barriers and obstacles to a student’s ability to learn, they can direct their energy at the learning process. Bryan looks forward with enthusiasm: “My future goals are to finish my degree with the hopes of one day getting my Master’s in history. Ultimately, my plan is to hopefully get my PhD and become a professor. Overall, I would like to have the opportunity to teach at Campion.”

Bryan stands firm in his position to raise awareness for students with special needs: “I try to give back to my community by working with various organizations around the university. This fall, I will be helping at Disability Awareness Week with helping people to better understand what life is like for disabled people in society as well as around campus.”