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Amy Matysio, B.F.A. Theatre (Regina)

Award winning Canadian stage and screen actress, improviser/writer, producer

Amy Matysio

Amy graduated from Campion College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre in 2001.


Like many, Amy Matysio believes Campion had all the right elements to get her education started on the right foot. She confides, “I always felt supported in a positive environment by staff who cared. Over four years you really get to know them and have an opportunity to make lovely connections without feeling overwhelmed by the bigger University picture.”

There is no promise or guarantee that coming to this school will ensure or predict one’s future success. That relies on what you do with what skills you’ve learned and what talents you’ve been given.  Amy committed to finding that success even before she had it. “To me my greatest accomplishment is doing what I actually set out to do when I graduated. I feel very fortunate to make my career as an artist. As an actress and creative producer I am always striving to grow my work and to seek out roles and projects that challenge and excite me – that sometimes means taking huge risks…”

For Amy, a future hope is to be a director one day: “I would love to connect with some of the many mentors I have had the incredible opportunity to work with and spend some time learning to tell stories through a new perspective.”

And in giving back, Amy has recently played the role of mentor, but oddly it came in the form of playing the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz at Young People’s Theatre (YPT) in Toronto. “The Theatre creates an inclusive environment for young audiences of all ages, races and cultural backgrounds, a place where they feel ownership and a freedom to experience the shows in a playful and wondrous space.” She felt inspired by working with young people again in a production aimed at a young audience. Live theatre is powerful she relays, “…to see how much the play, the characters and connecting with the performers affected them was incredible. I was inspired at the energy and open heartedness they shared and I feel very lucky to have been a part of that show.”

With each new walk out on stage, Amy feels lucky for the chance to reach out to the community and make a human connection.