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Alexis Brassard, M.D. (Saskatoon)

Second-Year general surgery resident at the University of Saskatchewan.

Alexis Brassard

Alexis attended Campion for her pre-med studies from 2010 – 2012.

To Alexis, Campion was an anchor during her studies. Like any creature of habit, she’s fond of the little rituals that came to pass there, which prepared her for the scholastic journey at home and abroad:

“It’s so hard to pick just one favourite memory from Campion. Campion was my university home base.  You could almost always find me studying in the Campion common area by the windows with a cheese bun sandwich from Henderson’s. I remember how every semester I could bring Heather a typed-up timetable of the classes I wanted to take, and she’d register me at exactly 9AM to make sure I got into the classes I needed to succeed.  I participated in the Campion Connect Mentor Program, which got me really excited about mentorship and teaching.  I also went on a trip to Italy through Campion to take classical studies 290 and catholic studies 290.”

Getting accepted into the surgical residency program in Saskatoon was a milestone for Alexis. As a learning practitioner, the program gives her the tools she needs to provide her patients with the most advanced care, plus an added bonus:

“I get to work with patients in a very active, hands-on way and help make a dramatic impact on their health.  I’m very excited to be working in Saskatchewan and feel as though I’m serving the people I grew up with, being that I’m a home-grown Saskatchewan physician.”

Down the road, Alexis hopes to be the bridge between student doctors and the patients they serve. She aims to help them be better, do better, and deliver their care in an efficient manner:

“One of my future goals is to work closely with medical students, in both educational and administrative roles, to work on improving their medical education. I love helping patients and being in the operating room, but I also have such a strong passion for teaching. I get great satisfaction and fulfillment from helping others learn, and I look forward to making a difference for the doctors of tomorrow.”

Health is a group effort and countless hours of work are dedicated to patient care. When you love what you do, it’s about selflessly giving your all:

“I see patients every day with acute surgical problems or cancer, and I work with my interdisciplinary medical team to improve their quality of life.  I sometimes spend 100 hours per week at the hospital, and I wouldn’t change a thing.  I love my job, and I love that I’m able to transfer my passion into improving patient outcomes.  I always try my best to ensure that patients feel as comfortable and safe as possible while undergoing treatment.”