100 Stories

Angie Abdou, B.A. English/History Hons (Regina), M.A. English (London, ON), Ph.D. English/ Creative Writing (Calgary)

Assistant Professor, English and Creative Writing, Athabasca University

"I came a long way in my short time at Campion thanks to inspiring and generous mentors."

Ryan Arnott, B.F.A. (Regina)

Visual Artist, Curator

"My approach is to serve the artists and assist them in presenting an excellent show of their important creations."

Jackie Beaurivage, B.A. English (Regina), Diploma Education (Montreal), M.B.A (Montreal)

Corporate Director, Home Capital Group

"Who could have imagined that the girl from Campion with a BA in English Lit would have ended up with an outstanding career in high finance?"

Sheri Block, B.A. Psychology, B.A. Journalism, Distinction (Regina)

Digital Content Producer and Journalist at CTV (Bell Media), Toronto

"I feel fortunate to have received such a great head start from Campion and will continue to carry with me the values and work ethic I learned there in my future endeavors."

Archbishop Donald J. Bolen, B.A., B.A. Hons (Regina), B.Th. (Ottawa) M.Th., (Ottawa)

Archbishop of Saskatchewan

"Church went from being an obligation to being something I deeply looked forward to, and where I was engaged at a very deep level."

Elizabeth Bryce, B.Sc. (Regina), M.D. (Saskatchewan), FRCPC

Regional Medical Director for Infection Control, Vancouver Coastal Acute
Clinical Professor, UBC

Dr. Bryce has a bold vision for health care and wants to modernize the clinical environment by offering more infection control opportunities for patients.

Br. Guy Consolmagno, S.J., B.A., M.A. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Ph.D. (Arizona)

Director, Vatican Observatory

"God is not a force to be invoked to swell a progress, start a scene or two, and fill the momentary gaps in our knowledge. God is the reason why existence itself exists."

Catherine Couture, B.A. Hons Psychology Student, 4th year


"I have been fortunate to have many opportunities to give back to the community and promote the values of Campion College as a result..."

Phoebe DeCiman, B.A. Psychology, B.A. Political Science Hons, (Regina)

Director of Sector Program Development, Saskatchewan Ministry of Advanced Education

Phoebe believes that Campion made university a richer experience.

Linda Dewhirst, B.A. (U of Regina), B. Comm. (U. of A., Edmonton), M. Adult Ed. (Regina)


"My university experiences at Campion those many years ago helped foster my community foundation and nurtured my commitment as a contributing member in our society."

Adam Dubé, B.A. (Regina), M.A., Ph.D. (Regina)

Assistant Professor, Learning Sciences, Department of Educational & Counselling Psychology, McGill University

"Without her and without Campion's attention to individual students, I would not have convocated..."

Richard Eisler , Campion College High School


"Richard Eisler considered himself to be a diamond in the rough, though he related more to baseball diamonds than gemstones."

Stacey Fayant, B.F.A. Painting, Printmaking, B.A. Hons Women’s Studies (Regina)

Artist/ Dancer

“I never felt like I was just another student in a long line of students."

Jason Gagnon, B.A. (Regina)

Campion Graduate Spring 2017

"Even the early morning meetings were fun since everyone on the CCSU were friends."

Marc Gervais, S.J., B.A. (Loyola), Ph.L (St. Mary's), M.F.A. (The Catholic University of America), M.Th. (Regis), Ph.D. (Paris-Sorbonne)


“His influence was all pervasive, his knowledge of film was prodigious, and his enthusiasm was infectious... "

Leisha Grebinski, B.A. Journalism (Regina)

Journalist and Host of CBC’s Radio One’s Saskatoon Morning

“My job is all about hearing and sharing stories. It's how we learn about each other, our community, and our country. How lucky am I to get a front row seat to it all!”

Erica L. Grimm, B.F.A. (Regina), Ph.D. (Simon Fraser)

Chair, Associate Professor of Art & Design, Trinity Western University

"Erica recalls a warm community within which the liturgy and faith came alive."

Shayne Gryba, B.Sc. (Regina)

Ph.D. Student at University of Toronto

"In the future I hope to become a professor so that I can continue to inspire students to pursue the wonders of mathematics and science."

John Hartney, B.A. (Regina), B. Admin. (Regina), CPA, CMA

Program and Resource Manager, Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region

"Campion College became my new home upon my arrival at the University."

Cecile Hebert, B.A. (Regina)


"... the Campion student union office, the music room with the grand piano, and the cafeteria were my home for the four years I attended university."

Shina Hom, B.M.Ed. (Regina)

Music Teacher/ Musician

"I always felt like I was at home when I hung out at Campion during my undergraduate years and Campion will always have a special place in my heart."

Marion Idun, B.Admin. Student, 3rd year

Business Admin Student, Member of Campion College Campus Ministry Team

“Through Campion, I have been able to meet lots of its staff and made new and good friends who are also in my classes.”

Georgina Jackson, B.A. (Regina), L.L.B. (Saskatoon)


"At this stage of my life, it remains foremost to focus on what is important, which I have distilled to living as good and kind a life as possible."

Natasha Jaques, B.Sc. Computer Science. Hons, B.A. Psychology (Regina)

Ph.D. student (MIT)

"...what really stands out is my overall impression of the warmth, kindness, and generosity of the people at Campion."

Courtney Keith, B.A. English (Regina), J.D. (Ottawa), L.L.M. (London, England)


"Volunteering is a big part of my life. It gives me the opportunity to share skill sets with people and organizations in many different areas."

Curtis Kleisinger, B.A., B.Ed., M.A. (Regina)

Executive Director, MTMS

"It is indeed an honour to serve students and families in our community who live in poverty."

Steve Kruzeniski, B.Sc. (Regina), DVM (Saskatchewan)

Veterinarian, Director, World Vets Latin American Training Centre – Granada, Nicaragua

“I have been blessed with the opportunity to utilize my skills and knowledge in regions where they are most needed. I feel fortunate that I can pass this knowledge onto others with similar aspirations.”

Tim Lilburn, B.A. M.A. (Gonzaga), Ph.D. (McMasters)

Professor, Department of Writing and Religious Studies, University of Victoria

“I have always thought of writing as a form of “community service,” more than merely decorative."

Oleksa Lozowchuk, B.F.A. Film (Regina), M.F.A. Cinema (Montreal)

Music Composer, Producer and Multi-Instrumentalist

"... it was awesome to see a familiar face, every time I visited the main office to deal with signing up for classes, etc.. I just like the smaller ‘family’ feel of the college."

Fred Marcia,

Retired Alumni

“It was amazing to experience the growth and physical changes over the years. The staff and students made my time a rewarding experience.”

Amy Matysio, B.F.A. Theatre (Regina)

Award winning Canadian stage and screen actress, improviser/writer, producer

"To me my greatest accomplishment is doing what I actually set out to do when I graduated. I feel very fortunate to make my career as an artist."

Lindsay Morcom, B.A., M.A. (Regina), Ph.D. (Oxford)

Assistant Professor / ATEP Coordinator Queens University

“I want to produce work that makes education more relevant and accessible to Indigenous people, and that also allows non-indigenous people to appreciate the depth and sophistication of my indigenous ancestors’ ..."

Anna Mudde, B.A. Hons (Toronto), M.A. (Memorial), Ph.D. (York)

Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Campion College at the University of Regina

"I often ask my students to notice how community is accomplished through each person’s small, unacknowledged, ‘everyday’ engagements, skills, and practices."

Father E. Peter W. Nash, S.J.,

President, Campion College, University of Regina (1965-1978)

"In his tenure as President he set the tone for the College: a humanistic scholarship which nurtures both the mind and the spirit."

Fr. Frank Obrigewitsch, S.J., B.A. English, B.Ed., M.A. (Toronto)

Priest, Educator

“In my second stint at Campion, it was a privilege to be in the classroom with students, to work with and be associated with wonderful colleagues..."

Robert Petry, B.Sc. Hons Physics (Sask), Diploma & M.St. Theology (Oxford), M.Sc. Mathematics (Calgary), Ph.D. Physics (Regina)

Instructor of Mathematics and Statistics, Campion College

"I try, in practice, to demonstrate the development of a future involving technology that is built on an ethic of sharing."

Sean Phillips, B.A. Justice Studies, B.S.W. (Regina)

Social Worker

"I would say my favourite memory is thinking about all the openness Campion has shown me through the past ten years."

Ethan Reis, B.A. Political Science, 4th Year (Regina)

Campion Arts, Political Science major

"One of Father John Meehan’s many messages that have stuck with me throughout the years is his commitment to making Campion an accessible space for all students and all peoples..”

Pat Reis, B.A. Political Science (Regina), LL.B. (Saskatchewan)

Judge, Provincial Court of Saskatchewan

"I believe that I received a great education as well as a sound spiritual direction. I also made many life-long friends there."

Hank Reis, Campion College High School, B.Ed., B.A. (Saskatchewan)

Teacher (retired)

"I am happy to follow the success of former students, which includes my sons."

Annette Revet, B.Sc. Hons. (Regina), M.B.A. (Regina), C.Dir.

Chief Transformation Officer at Conexus Credit Union

"I was proud to be part of a team that resulted in such a great celebration."

Neil Robertson, B.A. (Regina), L.L.B. (Toronto)


“Sometimes we think we were lucky, but more often the luck is the result of someone caring enough to provide an opportunity by opening a door which would otherwise have remained closed. That is the essence of a community.”

Joe Schner, SJ, A.B., M.A., M.Div., S.T.L., Ph.D.

Current Professor & Interim President, Regis College, Toronto

"In the next few years as I have the energy, I would like to synthesize my academic and formation work at Regis (based on my earlier work at Campion), and perhaps share my thoughts about this in useful ways."

Len Sitter, B.A. (Brandon), B.Ed. (Winnipeg)

Teacher (Retired), St. Paul's Jesuit High School (1970-2003)

“...the bonds of friendship that were formed during my time there have remained steadfast, in spite of time and distance; there are many fellow students that I still count among my closest friends.”

Derek Stoffel, B.A. Political Science , Bachelor of Journalism (Regina)

CBC News Middle East Bureau Chief

"..what really stands out for me was the quiet and intimate space that Campion provided to me during such formative years of my life.”

Katie Todd, B.Sc. (Regina)


"The best part of being a Campion student is the benevolent atmosphere of the faculty and staff."

Colleen Volk, B.Sc. Computer Science (Regina), CPA, CMA (Toronto)

Chartered Professional Accountant

"It has been a privilege to serve the most recent part of my career in the public service, both federally and now provincially."

Judy Wensel, B.F.A. (Regina)

Current Student in the Directing Program, National Theatre School of Canada - Montreal

"I always aim to give young people tools to identify and use their own voices while creating their own work."

Mark Wihak, B.F.A. (Regina), M.F.A. (Concordia)

Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Film, University of Regina

"These days Mark gives back by helping emerging filmmakers—sometimes reading scripts or writing letters of support—even if that support means that he step out in front of the camera as an extra."

Tim Young, Campion College High School, B.A. Administration (Regina), M.B.A. (Queen's)

Founding Partner and General Manager, Young’s Equipment

"That evening Father Boyle showed us what it meant to be a leader and even though we didn’t win the game, that was a life-changing experience for me.”